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Oz Update and Pictures

So Oz's latch was not as good as I thought. On 5/8 I started to notice a difference in his latch and the way he was sucking. I was a bit worried about it, but put off seeing the LC. On 5/10 I started noticing fewer wet diapers and on Sunday I was in minor freak out mode because he seemed like he wasn't really peeing, his poo was turning brown and I could have sworn his fontanelle was sinking in. Then I started to see bags around his eyes. 5/12 I thought his fontanelle seemed a little more sunken in so we were at the Breastfeeding Resource Center at 9am. His weight was 6lb15oz in a diaper and last Wednesday he had weight 7lb9oz in a diaper (at the dr's office). Kathy (the LC) looked at his latch and my nipple and thought they looked great. She suggested keeping a detailed diaper diary and that I should begin supplementing with 1-2 oz of EBM (or formula if I couldn't pump enough) 8 times a day to help him gain. No suggestions as for cause or what do do to fix it, mostly concerned with getting his weight going. Did a weigh in before and after feeding and he took in only 4 cc's (30 is an ounce). Put in a call to Dr. C (Oz's doctor). Came home and pumped 50 cc's and fed him that with a bottle after the syringe was spilling too much. Saw Dr. C and he weighed 7lbs naked there (his naked weight at the BFRC was 6lb13oz). His reflexes and turgor were good and she said he fontanelle seemed fine. She agreed with the supplementation plan and wants to weigh him this Friday.

I went to see Beth, an LC at another hospital, with the best rep in the area, right after that and she was awesome (she rearranged her schedule to fit me in). She thinks that since he was early and sort of small he was faking his good sucking the first week and just piggy backing off of all the milk that was there during engorgement. She called babies in that 35/36/37 week range "The Great Pretenders"...basically they can have the preemie sucking issues, but hide it at first. Now that it has settled down he's not wanting to work for it so he's sucking, waiting for let down and then basically quitting. Second part of the problem is my nipples are on the bigger side so he can't get to the part that makes the milk come out well. We worked on positioning to help him get as much nipple in his mouth as possible. She also gave me a long nosed syringe and showed me how to syringe feed at the breast and how to finger feed so we'll be doing that. Beth was convinced that this should work itself out by the time he's around 6 weeks as long as he starts growing again.

So, I'm optimistic that things will work out and hopefully he gains quick. I'm not pumping quite enough right now since basically he wasn't stimulating the breast much for the past two weeks so my supply is toast. I got some EBM from a friend who had twins a few weeks ago and have been supplementing my EBM with hers so no need for formula at this point. I'm so thankful for her extra milk. I'm stressed about not pumping enough, but trying to stay calm and tell myself that I CAN rebuild my supply.

I'm feeling pretty guilty and sad that Oz was starving for several days. Hopefully we're on the right track now and I can get my supply going. Happy milky thoughts are appreciated.


Wearing Parry's glasses

At the local cemetery


Finger feeding
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