Andrew, Steph, Carter and Oz (familylawson) wrote,
Andrew, Steph, Carter and Oz

Cute Carter Things

I'm amazed by his memory.

1. We went to a flooring store on Monday. Carter played with their dirty toys. We went back on Friday. When we pulled up he said "Play Big Bird car" because he had played with a Big Bird in a blue car while there.

2. After watching Dragon Tales once (on Andrew's watch) he picked up the name from the theme song and has been asking to watch it since then. Sorry kiddo, no Dragon Tales on my watch.

3. He watched Toy Story while sitting in his car seat on the flight home from Vegas. Now he's constantly asking me to "Watch Buzz car" even though he's never watched a movie in the car, just in his seat on the plane.

4. You can't escape commercialism. He had a Thomas the Tank Engine book (which was destroyed by toddler hands months ago) and he has one Thomas train (which we only refer to as a train, never by name). We were at Wal-mart earlier this week buying t-shirts for the baby and he saw some hideous Thomas pajamas, which he was instantly drawn too. He wanted to take them with him and I'm sure he would have asked to wear them non-stop if I had bought them. But, they were hideous and I hate trains so we discussed how cool they were and left them hanging.

5. Speaking of Thomas, when we go into Gymboree to look at clothes, they have a TV playing benign kids shows to keep your wee ones distracted while you buy overpriced clothing. He's seen Thomas on TV there a few times. Recently he's been asking to "Watch train show" at home, despite never having watching it at home. (Unless, of course, Andrew is letting him watch it. Are you Andrew? Stop letting him watch TV!!)
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I'm afraid you will have your hands full with that boy. He is very intelligent, and that makes it tough to keep up with, especially when you're trying to set limits, and he is just learning about them( ie-Thomas on TV) egad- if he sees something once- he'll never forget it! Such a clever boy( must get that from his grandpa...oh.oh!